Serena Williams Wins 50th US Open Final.

NEW YORK: Serena Williams' big lead in the US Open final suddenly was gone.

Her hard-hitting adversary, Victoria Azarenka, was showing issues, thus was the blasting wind. A few foot-shortcoming calls added to the angst. 

As a jittery Williams headed to the sideline in the wake of dropping a set without precedent in the competition, she throwed her racket, which ricocheted onto the court. 

The point when play continued, in the cauldron of a third set, Williams put aside everything and did what she does best: She delivered in the grasp to win a major match. Confronting her main test of the previous two weeks, the No 1-seeded Williams conquered No 2 Azarenka 7-5, 6-7 (6), 6-1 on Sunday for her seventeenth Grand Slam title. 

''When you're continually attempting to compose history, or join history for my situation, possibly you just get a little a larger number of anxious than you might as well. I likewise suppose its sort of cool, on the grounds that it implies that it implies a considerable measure to you. It implies a considerable measure to me, this trophy,'' Williams said, indicating her right hand at her fifth silver measure from the US Open, ''and each and every trophy that I have.'' 

That gathering continues developing. Williams has won twice consecutively at Flushing Meadows, demolishing Azarenka in three sets every time, and four of the previous six major competitions by and large. 

Her 17 titles are the sixth-generally in history for a lady, stand out behind Martina Navratilova and Chris Evert, and the same add up to as the men's record-holder, Roger Federer. 

''It feels decent to be in that same group as him,'' said Williams, who earned $3.6 million in prize cash. 

This one didn't come effortlessly, in spite of the fact that it had all the earmarks of being practically over when Williams went ahead by two breaks at 4-1 in the second set. She served for the match at 5-4 and 6-5, just to have the gutsy Azarenka, a two-time Australian Open victor, break every time. 

Williams is 67-4 with a vocation high nine titles in 2013, however two of the aforementioned misfortunes came against Azarenka. 

A year back, they played the first three-set ladies' last in New York since 1995. 

This time, they saw it all through once more, what added up to 2 hours, 45 minutes, on the grounds that Azarenka was predominant in the sudden death round. ''I got a little uneasy, which presumably wasn't the best thing at that minute,'' Williams said. ''I wasn't playing extremely savvy tennis then, so I simply needed to unwind and not do that once more.'' 

So after the second set, Williams gave herself a gusto talk. 

She regrouped and recovered control. 

''In the third set, Serena truly discovered an approach to cool off and restart from zero and rapidly delete what happened,'' said her mentor, Patrick Mouratoglou. 

Azarenka helped a spot, with two of her seven twofold flaws nearing when she got broken to trail 3-1 in the third. 

That about fixed it, since Williams was not going to flounder once more. 

''She's a champion, and she knows how to rehash that. She comprehends what it takes to get there. I realize that feeling, as well. Also when two individuals who need that feeling so awful meet, its like a crash,'' Azarenka said, pounding her clench hands together. 

At the start, however, the 15 mph wind that swirled in Arthur Ashe Stadium disturbed Williams to the extent that Azarenka did. 

''It wasn't enjoyable,'' Azarenka said. Williams got administration tosses. She got at her skirt to keep it from flying up. Generally upsetting, she was tossed off by balls that moved strangely. 

Six of the first 16 focuses finished with unforced blunders by Williams, which permitted Azarenka to go ahead 2-1. 

Turning reluctant toward times, Williams did not demonstrate the same strength she had while dropping just 16 amusements throughout six triumphs through the elimination rounds. 

''The wind was inconceivable today,'' Williams said. ''It just deteriorated and more awful. It simply never eased up.'' She would have been wise to conform, and she did. 

Her serve, of course, had a huge effect: Williams hit nine aces, one at 126 mph. 

Still, four times, Azarenka was just two focuses from taking the opening set. 

At one such minute, with Williams serving at deuce after a twofold shortcoming, she was called for a foot flaw, deleting what might have been a 121 mph pro. 

There was an alternate foot-blame bring in the second set, as well. 

They carried remembrances of the American's misfortune to Kim Clijsters in the 2009 elimination rounds, when Williams was docked a focus, and later fined, for a tirade against a line judge over a foot-deficiency call. 

There was no such upheaval regulated at authorities this time, despite the fact that there was that racket hurl. 

After the bring in the match's tenth diversion, Williams essentially put a hand to her face, pulled it together, and won the focus with a down-the-line strike she celebrated with a clench hand pump, some foot stepping and a shout of ''Come on!'' 

Williams wound up holding there with a 104 mph pro, part of what appeared to be a match-modifying extend. She won five sequential recreations and 16 of 18 focuses to take the first set and go up a break in the second. 

''You could see she clicked,'' Mouratoglou said. ''She acknowledged she was not combative enough. She was letting Vika manage excessively, and the greater part of a sudden, things totally modified.''