Syrian President Bashaar al Assad - Nothing to do with Chemical Weapons Attack.

Syrian President Bashaar al Assad told a US TV station on Sunday that he didn't have anything to do with a synthetic weapons strike on the edge of Damascus a month ago. 

US President Barack Obama, nonetheless, demands that the Syrian administration requested the Aug 21 strike that slaughtered many regular people and is dead set to start reformatory military strikes on Syria. 

Independently, US Secretary of State John Kerry told The Huffington Post that he accepted President Obama had the right to request air strikes regardless of the possibility that Congress declined to authorise him to do so. 

In an alternate meeting, White House boss of staff Denis Mcdonough said that safety in the United States to the proposed military strikes was 'justifiable'. 

Secretary Kerry put forth a comparative expression, recognizing that the lion's share of American officials remained undecided on this issue. 

President Assad dismissed President Obama's claims against him in a meeting he gave to a US TV stay Charlie Rose on Sunday morning in Damascus. 

The Syrian pioneer cautioned that "there might be, around individuals that are arranged with him, a striking back if a strike was made". Mr Assad, be that as it may, "might not even discuss the way of the reaction," Mr Rose said while seeing the meeting for CBS. 

"He does acknowledge a percentage of the authority" for the Aug 21 strike however dismissed the recommendation that he requested the strikes, the questioner said. 

"I made exceptionally inquiry: 'Do you feel any regret?' He said, obviously I do,' however it didn't arrive in a manner that was kind of profoundly felt inside," Mr Rose said. 

"It was considerably even more a cool recitation of anyone who's a pioneer of a nation might feel unpleasant about what's befallen its natives." 

President Assad additionally had a message for the American individuals, reminding them "that it had not been an exceptional experience for them to get included in the Middle East in wars and clashes ... that the outcomes had not been exceptional". 

Extracts of the meeting will be circulated on Monday morning on CBS and the whole question on Monday night on The Charlie Rose Show on PBS. 

In the interim, the Obama organization thought of its crusade to influence American residents and Congress to uphold military activity against Syria. 

President Obama will lead six TV talks with on Monday to put forth his defense, and on Tuesday he will address his country. 

Yet in spite of these endeavors, Secretary Kerry affirmed that "the larger part of parts of Congress, House and Senate, are undecided" on this issue.and the US media provided details regarding Sunday that the legislators were appropriating several calls a day from their constituents, "an expansive greater part urging them to vote against a military strike". 

President Obama's boss of staff said he comprehended why individuals were restricting the strikes. 

"That is a totally reasonable notion, given all the reparation and speculation the United States has made, and our military have made in the la