Stephen Harper touches down in Malaysia, with much work to do on exchange.

KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia � Canadian flags showed up on light posts Friday in the middle of the Malaysian capital, to welcome Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose RCAF air ship arrived late in the nighttime in the central high temperature a circumlocutory 25-hour later polar travel from Ottawa that incorporated refuelling stops in Alaska and Japan. 

However Malaysians remained focused on the vicinity here this weekend of an alternate planet pioneer: Chinese President Xi Jinping. 

China accomplishes more than 33 times the exchange with Malaysia that Canada does, so it was modest miracle that Xi was invited by the Malaysian Parliament Friday before being feted at a regal feast. 

As of not long ago, the grandest arrangement far and away between Canada and Malaysia was the $5.2-billion deal a year ago of Calgary-based Progress Energy Resources Corp. to the Malaysian state-possessed Petronas vigor organization. In any case Canadian exchange with Malaysia has been stagnant for some years while exchange between Malaysia and China is developing. 

Malaysians have additionally been distinctly intrigued by the shutdown of the U.s. government, which has upset plans of President Barack Obama to use about a week in the Orient. 

The stalemate in Congress over government financing and human services, and the chance that this may make the U.s. to default on its advances, compelled President Barack Obama to wipe out arrangements Thursday to go to one week from now's twelve-month Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit in Bali, and the Far East Summit in Brunei. 

Despite the fact that Obama has said Asia is one of his presidency's top remote approach necessities, to attempt to manage the political gridlock in Washington the U.s. guide had prior without much fanfare canceled high-profile side excursions to the Philippines and what might have been the first visit by a president to Malaysia since Lyndon Johnson was here in 1966. 

Harper and China's Xi will both go to APEC. After that, Harper flies home while Xi proceeds onto Brunei. 

In the wake of staying up close and personal throughout his two minority governments, Harper pushed Asia to the highest point of Canada's worldwide plan when he won his first greater part. The PM has been to Asia a few times since to rustle up business, incorporating excursions to China and India. 

There have likewise been scores of pastoral visits to Asia incorporating 13 in the previous 28 months by International Trade clergyman Ed Fast, whose dire dispatch is to develop Canadian exchange abroad, particularly in the Far East. 

To do that, Canadian and Malaysian outside approach masters have called for Canada to advance a thorough Asian arrangement that pushes investment chances here, as well as incorporates different fields of shared premium that can lay the preparation for a more considerable relationship. 

"Canada might as well have a national security approach towards Asia," said Eva Busza, VP of information and scrutinize for the Vancouver-based Asia Pacific Foundation. "The point when taking a gander at this, we need to ask where our qualities lie. We outperform at administrations, designing and technol.