Typhoon Karen Heads for Gulf States, May Become Hurricane

Typhoon Karen framed in the Gulf of Mexico Thursday and is required to make its direction around the southern Gulf states this weekend. 

Karen at present has most extreme wind speeds of 65 mph and is found in the ballpark of 485 miles south of the mouth of the Mississippi River, as per the National Hurricane Center. Forecasters anticipate that the storm will reinforce throughout the following two days, and say there is a chance Karen could turn into a typhoon as right on time as Friday. A typhoon is characterized as a storm when most extreme wind speeds achieve 74 mph.

In the wake of passing through the Gulf states, Karen is relied upon to keep moving northward, and up along the coast, however in a fundamentally weaker state, consistent with the Weather Channel. By Tuesday morning, the storm could achieve parts of northern Virginia, yet its greatest wind paces will probably drop to in the ballpark of 25 mph.